Father Prepares His Son For Surprises. Wait And See How He Handles This Epic One!


Watching your baby growing from a toddler to a little kid is something sweet.  Peter wanted to give his son, Alex, a bedroom makeover when he turned four years so as to get him ready for the new things to come. In the next many days, Peter worked hard and did everything possible to give Alex a good bedroom.

Within a span of five but very tiring days, Peter changed the nursery of his son into a fantastic bedroom fit for a growing boy. Alex’s new and enhanced room features bright yellow cabinet, plenty of natural light, a big bed, and playful wall sticky labels. The video below reveals Peter’s efforts in making the particular room, and the time it took him to him to finish.

Writing on YouTube, Peter says he is not a PRO in this; he is only a DIY guy who loves tools, making, and fixing everything he can.  As he begun to prepare the present paint for a new coat, it started to peel off like a sticker but turned to be like vinyl. So he chose to go for the thorough process of taking off all the entire existing paint with the use a Stanley knife and a lot of patience.

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