Should Fat Women Wear Bikinis? This Woman Has This Idea For You… Crazy!


In this 21st century, mode is taken to be a serious aspect in life, more so in women. Everywhere you walk to, even in the media, they will be talking of the body appearance. For instance, 10 years ago, a video like this one that you are going to watch, would not have been filmed and edited. To the surprise of many including me, many people are still into what people should put on and what they shouldn’t put on. This body-shaming issues are generally directed at women, who seem to be a critic zone more than men.

In the video below, LoeyLane, a YouTube star, takes you deep into the analyzing of some most important points to consider when some outfits. She names the most frequent complaints and suggestions like this of women large in size wearing bikinis, and how they portray themselves as bad informed. First and foremost, this is a kind of shame to her. This is because everybody has a right to choose whatever he or she wishes to put on, without the consideration of size, age or even the gender.

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