He Falls On The Road, But Mom And Dad Have An Emergency Plan. Fantastic!


If there is something loved by most of the people, it’s baby elephants. However, it’s not everyday that we come across some cool and very impressive videos featuring these cute animals.

This video is one of those that leave you all happy and looking for more. In the clip, we have a baby elephant making rounds with his parents, when he decides to have a fall on the road.

But what caught my attention is just how the mom and dad react to the falling incident. They actually task themselves with the noble job of getting their kid up and walking again. Now, the cuter part of it all is how the baby elephant goes on to fall back a few more times as dad and mom execute their perfect strategy to get him up. It’s so cute I had to rewind a few times!

These animals are really smart. Not many creatures can actually help their young ones in such a way. Watch the full video and get amazed. Drop a comment or two and let us know what you think about the clip. Also SHARE on Facebook with your friends and family.

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