Everyone Is Saying That This Baby’s Birth Was A Real Numerological Perfection. See Why!


Have you ever had something happen to you or someone close to you at a perfect time? I mean, do you know anything about numerology? It’s some kind of study that deals with manipulation of numbers to determine one’s path in life. For example, the baby in this video is said to have been born at the perfect time. Now you’re interested!

Now, this couple, Shawn Zimmerman and Leisha Campbell, knew that they expected the baby to come anytime 12/11/14, but no one knew exactly what time that would be, so when the baby arrived at exactly 10:11 a.m, the news became a big deal to everyone. You want to know why?

According to numerologists, this baby was born at a perfect time, meaning that she’s a lucky one. Interesting, right? And there’s even some more good news. Little Hazel Grace will grow with quite some love for family, community and tradition. That’s even more interesting!

Watch this video and love it. Do you have any special dates in your life? Drop us a comment and tell us about it, and also SHARE this clip on Facebook. It’s too “wowing” to spread!

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