This Dog Roamed The Streets For 7 Months, When They Came In? What A Transformation!


It is sad to know that the number of street dogs is increasing at an alarming rate. In the clip below, we meet a dog by the name of Bo who is of the Azores Cattle Dog breed. Bo had been surviving for about 7 months in the streets of Toronto, and used to be seen loitering near a car wash. He used to look for food during the night at the rubbish pits and from the garbage cans, then go to sleep at a small area filled with scrap metals and wreckages. There were times that Bo had to put up with the freezing temperatures.

This dog had learned the surviving tricks and getting hold of him was not an easy thing. The rescuers had to make his resting place with toys and food so that he could get familiarized with their scent. Even with all this efforts, Bo would still be very cautious even would fear when they threw some food to him. Realizing that they were never going to get him, they opted for another plan were they set up a trap and would takes turns of 2 hours each to keep an eye on the cage. Finally, with a lot of patience, they managed to capture him from the streets.

They took him and gave him love and attention that he was missing. It was while at shelter that they were shocked to find out that Bo was blind.

Watch the clip below to see how love and good care transformed Bo totally. Good news is that he found his forever home with loving owners. Please SHARE this rescue story with all your friends who are dog lovers on Facebook!

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