Dog Continues To Visit The Tragic Site After Death Of His Human Friend! See The Reason!


If you drive an hour away from Dallas heading North Eastern, you will find yourself at Lone oak, Texas, which is a wonderful city. Just from its name, “Lone Oak” can it be seen that this city has survived because of its residents. It is true that when a place counts with the presence of caring people, it prospers. People of this city value a lot what is referred to as friendship and loyalty. At the morning hours of June 27, 2010, something terrible occurred.

Wayne Giroux, proprietor of Wayne’s Lawnmower Shop, was brutally killed by a drunk driver at the age of 61. Since this fateful day, his son has followed his legacy in Lone Oak. Apparently while being interviewed by CNN, he referred his dead father to as a person who loved arguing and fighting, making him a good person. All that he learned from his father, Paul applies them at his work.

Although it is true that the fixing of Paul’s heart took a long time since the death of his advisor, his father, five months ago, one of his family member never accepted this loss. Prior to the accident, Spot, Wayne’s dog, could greet Wayne after he reached home from the long day’s work. Spot always went to the accident place, waiting for his friend to appear.

Even though the uniting bonds in Lone Oak seem to be getting stronger, not like the one that existed between Wayne and Spot. Comment below what you think was the reason why they had a strong bond.

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