Her Doctor Let Her Go On A Cruise, And Then This HappenedTo Her In The Middle Of The Sea… Breathtaking!


Some things are just too incredible to even fathom.The thought of alady giving birth at seacould make anyonejumpy, but this particular female was a smart one!

Emily Morgan is 28, and she has a good hubby. When their lovely daughter turned 3, the family decided to celebrate by going on a 7-day cruise in the Caribbean. Emily was pregnant with a boy, but the doctor said it was okay for her to go since it was still months to the time of delivery.

At sea, 100 miles from the mainland, Emily started experiencing labor pains. The baby was coming. They called the medics fast. However, the doctors thought the baby boy had died, but she knew he had kicked, so she wanted to see her child. It was established that the baby was alive but might not make it. Emily would hear none of that, so she used some towels to wrap her newborn and kept her alive until they arrived at Puerto Rico. They were later taken to Miami for medical care, and they’ll be there until the id is healthy enough to be transferred to Utah.

Haiden is doing fine now, and he needs your prayers. Please SHARE this story with everyone you know. It’s very touching!

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