She Distances Herself From Her Spouse At The Dance Floor, What Happens Next, Unbelievable!


In the clip below, we meet a couple that had freshly got married. Ruffine and Nicolas Delfosse, a couple who had just wedded are spotted nearing the dance floor with the romantic hit song “At Last” by Etta James, in the air. However, the version of the romantic song is interpreted by Beyoncé, which appears that it means a lot to the newlyweds. Their eye catching dance moves to the song were enough to make anyone present at the ceremony miss a heartbeat as they portrayed to be such lovebirds of their own kind.

While dancing on the dance floor, the music changes and “Me & U” sang by Bracket fills the air. The couple tune in to the new rhythm in an amazing manner. As they keep dancing, the songs changes to “Alingo,” a song by P-Square. This change makes the newly wedded couple to take single turns to entertain the invited guests to the ceremony.

No words can describe how perfect they were on the dance floor, but to just take a little time and watch the amazing video below.

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