Daughters Surprise Parents By Giving Them This Gift On Their 50th Anniversary… So Moving!


To those who were lucky to be from a family that owned a car, they recall the rides they used to have when it was vacation period.

Two daughters decided to give their parents, Tim and Ruth Bredahl, a gift for their 50th anniversary. This gift was one that they also recall riding on when they were young. When Tim and Ruth Bredahl went to see what the gift was, they were surprised to find out that it was a little sports car, red in color. They had owned a Mustang for 30 years and one was waiting for them on this day.

As per the report from the NBC News’ agent, Michelle Wolter, who is the daughter to Tim, said that her father had used all her savings to buy it for their wedding day. Later on, he had enrolled in a loaning plan whereby he used to pay $56.13 monthly so that the car could be his.

Heather Goetz, the other daughter said that it was the type of car to have those days when the mustang was first manufactured. Then after 30 years, his father sold the lovely car.

By the help of a friend, Michelle made a discovery that the same car was at a warehouse of a broker. So she decided to give them the car back as a gift for their 50th anniversary.

The daughters put a small poster at the bumper that read “just married.”They hanged two cans of soda from the inside which read “Same girl. Same guy. Same car.”

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