This Is How You Control A Horse. It’s So Adorable!


What does it take to be a great horse handler? Well, being an adult does not count.

Young Jonnaspends a lot of time around horses. Her father is an equestrian. The young girl works beautifully with her horse and remains in excellent control. She dresses appropriately, and the horse follows all her commands. She stays quiet and compassionate all through.

The young rider does her training gently, and the horse appears to trust her. The horse remains attentive and looks out for any signals from Jonna.

Getting a horse to trust you is not easy. It is difficult for the horse to remain attentive and calm when lying down. It is vulnerable in that state. Horses are prey animals, and fleeing is their defense mechanism.

Approach a lying horse quietly and show that you can be trusted. Be on the lookout for signs of being uncomfortable such as moving hooves and keep distance.

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