This Cat’s Reaction When Dad “Slaps” Son Will Leave You Amazed!


If you’ve a cat, you’ve most probably noticed that the little animal is protective of you. The fact that you feed the cat means that they wouldn’t want to see you hurt – perfect logic there!

So, what’s really going on in this video? Here’s a dad and his son, and then there’s this family cat that’s all keen to protect his friends. But now this dad has apparently turned violent and is slapping his son (from the cat’s point of view). Being a creature that hates to see their friends get in trouble, this cat’s reaction is both understandable and baffling. Just see what he does when the “violence” breaks out!

Well, in fact, this dad wasn’t actually hitting his son. He just wanted to “trouble” the little creature to see his reaction. Watch the full clip here and let’s know what you think of it.

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