He Catches The Judges’ Attention Before Even Starting To Perform.This Is Totally Amazing!!


This is a truly touching story of Antony Riley’s blind audition from, ‘The Voice’. He was forced to depart fromThe Voice because of personal issues that popped up. The video is intended to show him some love for the kind of entertainment he offered us.

In this video, while on stage, we clearly see how he performs shuffle before even uttering a word -something that makes the judges curious. One of the judges called Blake Shelton, almost pressed his beeper there and then. He later had to press the beeper from the way Antony convinced him, when he sang a James Brown classic. ‘I Feel Good’. All the three judges were in agreement with that kind of judgement.

What follows next is of course a pure dynamic performance of which all the judges gaze in amazement. It is like their naked eyes are lying on what they are witnessing.You have to watch the video to see the judges’ reactions.

Unluckily, Anthony died at the age of 28 years while seeking for a remedy to control his drug addiction problem. It is painful to learn that a person, who is so much talented in bringing joy to people, had to die in such a manner. We hope that his heritage will still live on. We can kindly ask you to SHARE this heart touching story with all your friends, so that his legacy goes on forever!

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