Can’t Stop Listening To These 7 Irish Men! Wow, They Really Got Cool Vocals!


It’s only Lord who knows what music can do. When you develop love for music at a particular stage in life, you will never abandon it whatsoever, as revealed by some researchers. Like this group of seven men known as Coda, who were brought together by the love of music. They dedicate themselves in composing beautiful songs. With different foundations; from Westport, Mayo, Ireland, they joined together to compose 7-part harmonies folk songs, of Celtic and North America. Particularly on this composition of “Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her,” they sing together in perfect harmony, that you won’t believe that they are in a living room and not at a concert hall.

From 2011, they have been known to be acapella group, but they have gone introducing rich instruments for their background, to their performance. Presently, they perform at various Venuses in Westport, but if you don’t get to hear them live, you can purchase a CD that they released on some of their favorite songs. For more of their music, you can browse online on their site, www.codasinging.comto learn more.

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