Bride Goes Speechless When The Groom Does This On Their Wedding Day. Wow!


When Simram Malhotra, a beautiful Indian bride, decided to be married to Frank Gregoire, a Canadian, she had no idea what he was going to do to her on their wedding day.

So they planned their wedding, but then Frank was doing something extra behind back. For 6 weeks, he was leaning something that would get the bride’s eyes popping out when he exposed it.Being the cool guy that he is, Frank secretly learnt some good lyrics to a great Indian love song, “Tum Hi Ho.”

Come the wedding day, and things went as normal until Frank started something. As the bride later admitted to The Huffington Post Canada, she had no idea what frank had planned, and she just went ‘wow’ when she heard his voice in Hindi!

The song and its cool lyrics depict a strong affection for one’s love and how stressful it’s to live to without them. Frank’s noble gestureclearly proves that love is a feeling that can connect people from anywhere on the planet, regardless of their different heritages or languages.

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