Bride Was Dancing With The Groom When A Cop Tapped Her, What Followed Had Me In Tears!


Back in 2015, Kirsten Mundell did her wedding, but there was somebody she dearly missed during the occasion – her dad. He had died six years ago and she had lived to accept the outcome with time.

Kent Mundell, who lived in Spanaway, WA, was Pierce County’s DeputySheriff and had lost his life while answering a call. He had been shot in the process and passed away after 7 days.

The present of a dad in a daughter’s wedding means a lot, and Kirsten was going to do something about it. After thinking hard, he set out a chair around the table for him, and put a blue line on her wedding dress from the back. All that was meant to honor him.

Despite making all those plans, there was something she was not aware of. Cops had also planned to honor him. While dancing, she got shocked when someone tapped on her shoulder, it was an Officer. What followed was the biggest surprise and left everyone in tears.

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