Blind Patient Gets Shocked When The Nurse Reveals To Him The Happenings Outside The Window!


A hospitalized patient who is suffering from a serious sickness get accustomed with the surrounding that he or she is in. after months of eating the same food and walking ths same halls daily, he gets to be adapted to the environment and the lifestyle of the place whether he likes it or not. For such people, the very important thing that should come first is companionship and time spending with people that can help in their day to day struggle.

The video below portrays two patients of which one is a blind fellow and the other one is an old guywho is suffering from an undiagnosed disease and they happen to occupy adjacent beds which are found in the same room. The blind man asks the old guy to look outside the only window in the room and describe to him whatever he sees.Description becomes a daily routine work for the old man, as the blind man sees only from what the old man tells him. Then comes a time for the two friends to part ways, for the old man is taken to undergo a surgery and nevr shows up again. When this blind man requests a nurse to look out of the window and tell him what is happening, he is shocked with the reality.

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