She Begins By Taking A Deep Breath, When She Opens Her Mouth, Everyone Is In Awe!


Although AndieCase is still making herself a name as a songwriter/singer in the industry, she has many fans that follow her performances so far. She comes from Seattle, Washington has all the qualities you will ever need in an artist and that has highly contributed in her rise to stardom. Though she’s known to come up with her own music, there are times she does mashup covers featuring different pop songs. Within this clip, she has mixed Cheap Trick’s’I Want You To Want Me’ and ‘Want To Want Me,’ by Jason Derulo.

On top of her talented performances, her driver and the guitar player who is always in the back seat have outstanding vocals as well.  Whenever they join her, powerfully uplifting harmonies always result. The blend of the three’s voices is enough for anyone to enjoy the performances on any other day.

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