She Became A Victim OF A Rare Disorder After Giving Birth. What Follows Is An Amazing Transformation!


When Holly was 26 years of age, she delivered her firstborn child. Her baby girl came at the right time and she was the happiest mom headed home from the hospital. After a few weeks had passed, she noticed something strange. Her legs became weak and her neck had some pain. When she went to seek for medical advice, it was discovered that she had Guillain-Barre syndrome which is a rare autoimmune disorder. Within three days, she had completely become paralyzed and was not in a position to breathe by herself.

She was taken to ICU where for the next 2½ months she had to breathe with the help of a ventilator and she relied on a tube while feeding. During all that time, her newborn baby was at home. The clip below takes you through her journey from the time she was paralyzed to when she recovered. She re-learns how to walk, breathe and how it feels to be a mother the second time.

The start of this video is heartbreaking but her miraculous transformation at the end is so heartwarming. You will hardly believe it’s the same person who was at the ICU.

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