The Baby Literally “Missiled” Out, But The Fast Doc Was Ready. It’s Like No Other!


It’s already hectic day for Doctor Mauricio Heilbron, Jr. He just dealt with a guy with gunshots and another with his intestines out. He really didn’t fathom it could get any more active than this. He was wrong!

Just down the hallway, he heard a shrieking sound of a sharp scream coming from a labored woman in the Emergency delivery room. Then he heard a marathon run by a doctor rushing into the room to check on the situation. By the time the doctor got to the room, the situation was almost out of hand. He had to act fast!

Just then, the lady gave birth in one stunning instant that has since baffled every human. The baby literally flew out. Luckily, the doctor in the room was a smart, fast-thinking medical practitioner with experience in fast-fixes to everything. He knelt down very quickly and received the baby in his arms. The little one was delivered safe and sound, save for the soiling of the doctor’s clean outfit.

The video will tag at your very heart. Watch it and SHARE with all your good buddies on Facebook. It’s breath-taking!

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