Audience Gets Surprised Of The Exactitude Of United States Coast Guard When Performing.


Being a military man or woman is not an easy thing. This profession requires a lot of dedication as it demands a lot of training. In the clip below, we see how these United States Coast Guard demonstrate their talents.

Upon performing, the audience that was present on that day went crazy of the perfect routine that the 18 men and women of the Coast Guard demonstrated, as shown in the clip below.

The interesting part of the clip is when they lift their fixed bayonet rifles above their leader’s head. Many people in the crowd thought that it was a deadly error, even one little boy had to yell because of fear, not knowing that it was a perfected move of the guards.

Just to brief you a little bit, the silent drill team is considered to be the best of all the military. This team is actually the one that is responsible of choosing people with requires standards for the purpose of defending our nation.

Although this specialized group is responsible of making sure that the country is safe at the borders, they also give a helping hand to the citizens when a natural calamity befalls them.

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