A Father Forces His Son To Confess Publicly, What He Does? You Will Be Shocked!


If you went to school or probably grew up with your friends in the neighborhood, then I am sure you know how it feels being bullied. Bullying is not a good thing since it undermines the freedom of another kid.

In this image, we meet Timothy Robenhorst, a dad who decided to punish his son the moment he discovered that his son was bullying others. This clip has gone viral all over the internet, and people have given positive and negative comments about it.

Kayden was forced to a five-step punishment to make sure that he never bullied other children in school. Robenhorst woke up his son at 4:30 a.m. and forced him to do fifty push-ups on his fists. He then ran a mile in the cold after which he did some landscaping work. The dad also forced him to and apologize to the kid he was bullied in front of his class. Kayden posted a photo revealing why he was being punished and what he had done. He also went ahead to share with other children on Facebook telling them never to bully others.

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After discovering his son Kayden was bullying his classmates, Timothy forced Kayden to pose for a photo that featured a public confession. Timothy posted it on Facebook and encouraged people to share it. It’s now gone viral, with thousands of views and comments. What do you think of Dad’s punishment?

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