Their Act Of Bravery Thrilled The Judges. See What They Did!


Normally, you would find young children ina family fighting for everything. Most likely, these kids are aged 5 to 8 years, and they willuse their energies scrambling for a remote control or a toy. In Birmingham, England, something shockingly different happened. Emily and Billy didn’t have the time for squabbles. Instead, these cute kids had a lot of time forging a strong bond in doing what they loved most. Emily and Billy loved roller skating like nothing else!

In the video, you see the kids take on some amazing stunts as they perform at the popular “Britain’s Got Talent” show. Watch the judge’s reactions as the kids embark on a mission to send everyone reeling with surprise and amazement.Dec and Ant, who happened to host the show, are equally in disbelief. What Billy and Emily are doing is going against all the trusted laws of gravity, and that’s enough to get anyone wincing. Watching them do it while on skating wheels makes the experience more thrilling, and this choreography is something you will want to watch!

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