Abusive Humans Scare Off Tiny Rescue Lions, See What Happens When He Shows Up!


Even though we find the cheetahs, lions and others good looking in that they can make to be pets at home, we should always have in mind that they are wild and not tamable.

They are the type of animals who were meant to roam freely and hunt for food. Saddening news is that people go ahead and buy them as pets yet they are not well prepared to have them.

When they are taken as captives and put in circus, they are denied the life they were designed to live as wild animals. When seen they are not delivering, they are sold to other people and the process goes on.

The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, founded by Eduardo Serio, a Mexican businessman, has been the hope of these wild animals who have been leading a sad life in the circus.

From the time he founded the organization, more than 240 wild cats have been rescued from being mistreated, of which Pumas, Lions, Jaguars and Tigers are inclusive. Because of leading a miserable life for a long time, these animals cannot make it if released to the wild.

The mission of Eduardo is not only to rescue these animals but to also let people be aware that however, eye catching they may be, they are meant to be in the wild and not to be tamed.

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