This 75 Year Old Woman Was about To Be Jailed Until These Bothers Did This…


Not all will believe when they get to hear that an old woman of 75 years of Riesel, Texas, known as Gerry Suttle, was issued with an arrest warrant for leaving her yard with long grass. This happened when it came to the officials notice that the grass on her yard measured more than 18 inches, to which is a violation of the city’s rules.

The funny thing is that she was issued with a warrant of arrest, after she failed to present herself before a court claiming that she never remembers to have received any notification. Luckily enough, she was able to evade being put behind bars when four brothers who have never seen her, decided to mow her whole yard after receiving the news. All they needed was to see the woman free.

Upon starting mowing, it took no time for the nearby residents to join in too. In a few hours, all the yard was mowed. Being known as a woman full of words, surprisingly that day, she was left speechless.

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