7-Year-Old Boy Born With Dwarfism Gets Adopted By Couple With A Similar Condition!


Meeting a new person does take quite a bit of emotional preparation for it to work perfectly. The host feels the need tomake sure that the guest or the new family member feels comfortable. The guest on the other hand wants to give a good impression and make the host feelappreciated. None of them knows what is going on in each other’s heart. They hope that what they see on each other’s face is going to be true and good at the same time. There is nothing as disappointing for hosts to pretend that they are happy yet they are not. It makes one feel as if they have been cheated.

In the video below, we see several situations where people are meeting for the first time. In the first instance, a young girl welcomes an adopted brother home. The brother does not come home empty handed; he comes with a teddy bear for his sister. His sister is at first overwhelmed with tears but manages to recollect herself and give him a hearty hug. Watch the other first time moments including one where a couple with thedwarfismcondition adopts a kid who has the same condition.

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