7 Cops Try Some Moves On A Rooftop, I Simply Couldn’t Believe It Moments Later…


From time to time, we witness a dance craze hitting the internet and taking the world by storm. “Watch Me (Whip/NaeNae),” was in that position last year and the other year it was Jason Derulo’s popular inspiration to those who don’t own cars. In 2016, we have seen a number of dance trends coming up and one that has quickly done itself justice is the “Running Man Challenge.

Initially, it has been popularized by the basketball players from the University of Maryland, but it appears the 80s classic has got a second wind. It has been implemented in “My Boo,” a 1996 hit tune done by Ghost Town DJ’s and many people have come forward to take part in the challenge and the results have led to the birth of many amazing videos.

The Los Angeles Police Department wanted to be part of the fun and tried a few moves. Watching them perform below takes away the strict and serious thoughts we have about the police. It is incredible watching them do something outside the things which we are always used to seeing them do within their line of duty.

The clip below lets us know the power that music has in our lives. We are also glad that they involves some of the locals in their moves.

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