This 1951 Film ‘I Love Lucy’ Will Melt Your Heart. Old Id Gold!


Back in the 50s, not everyone used to have televisions like today. This was the time when the TV programs and channels were not many, and also it marked the era when written comedy shows were leaving the radios and entering the screens. One of the programs that was a bomb by then was The Ed Sullivan Show of 1948.

The show started gaining fame because of Lucille Ball and DesiArnaz, who were actors. When they were debuting in 1951, a comedy entitled I Love Lucy, many spectators at the studio and those watching from their homes were very happy with the laughter it caused. They were the founders of the funny style which many comedies use currently. The comedy was shot in California as per the couple’s wish and not in New York where most of other shows were filmed. Shooting the show in California was cheaper than in New York as others were paying expensively to film.

In the clip below, you will see a film that was recorded not with Lucille Ball, but with another person. The camera used by the cameraman to record the show was that one of 8mm, and he did it back in 1951 unauthorized. But for sure you will love the view it gives of the series.

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