For 19 Years, Homeless Man Never Saw His Kids, Then He Meets His Son… OMG!


In life you need someone to have your back incase things go wrong. The world is so big yet sometimes so small. When you are alone, it becomes big and you just cannot find love anywhere. That is why a family is important. You can always get help from them as you try to get back on your feet. That however can only happen if you can find them.Because when you have no money and no friends to listen to you, you won’t even be able to get the word out that you are looking for them.Everybody sees you as a burden. No one wants to associate with you. So you become homeless, you look for a shelter and wait for what life will send your way.

That is what happened to Perry Thomley in the video below. He tried to get in touch with his family but failed. He believed he was never going to find them ever again. What he did not know was that someday God was going to send someone special his way, someone who was going to help him find his son. Watch happened next inthe video below.

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