When This 11-Year-Old Took The Stage, No One Believed Her First Utterance– WOW!


You may not be a fan of reality TV shows like I was not so long ago. The idea of watching people trying to prove they were talented seemed to be a waste of time for me. It seemed boring even if I had not taken time to watch any of the shows be it ‘American Idol’ or ‘The Voice’. Well, not anymore!

I recently moved in with a roommate who persuaded me to watch one such episode. I reluctantly decided to watch although I had to watch anyway since we were sharing the same TV set and one had to sometimes forego one’s favorite to suit the need of the other.

It only took one episode to find it interesting and within no time I was hooked! I had this feeling that I was one of the judges and became very emotional every timemy preferred candidate lost.

When this little girl took her turn on stage, in Britain’s Got Talent, I almost swore I would protect her from the mean judges. I seemed to have underrated her ability. Her choice of the song, One Night Only, won the hearts of the judges.

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